Willowy Herkimer + Gold Ring

by We Are Arrow


Slender and earthy, this tiny ring is a gorgeous little gem. Each stone is unique, and each ring, as the piece is built around a tiny Herkimer Diamond. With asymmetrical  bands and fine prongs hugging a bright and clear faceted crystal, this ring glows with the light. Pair it with our Pathway Ring or wear it on its own!


-Stone can sit vertically or horizontally to band
-1mm band
-Herkimmer Diamonds are approx 3-5mm long and 2-3mm wide
-Leave size at checkout!

*Please note Herkimer Diamonds are not actual Diamonds, but are double-terminated Quartz Crystals found in and around Herkimer County, New York.

Please allow 5 weeks for delivery of gold jewellery as it will be made specially for you.