Fingerprint Band

by We Are Arrow


This band has a natural, organic, rustic feel. It is made by gently pushing wax to form a ring. The result is a wonderful free formed shape with fingerprints making a slightly striped texture on the face of the ring. Just like a fingerprint, each ring is completely individual!

This ring makes a stunning and unique wedding band. Come by our East London studio to leave your own prints in your partner's band!  For those not local to London, we can also send you a kit with instructions.

-Standard band width: 4mm
-Bands can be customised with any width, and with rustic or clean edges
-Available in 9 or 18 karat Yellow, White, or Rose Gold


Larger ring sizes subject to change in price based on current gold values. Contact us for details. Our gold jewellery is made with 100% Fairmined Gold.