Ethical Jewellery

It is very important to us here at We Are Arrow that we produce jewellery using responsibly sourced materials and practices.

Our blue, green, and yellow sapphires are primarily from Queensland, Australia. The stones are untreated, ethically mined, and transparently sourced. Our diamond supplier is also an ethical source, and we are happy to provide proof that they follow the Kimberley Process. We can offer fully traceable diamonds as well.

We create jewellery via "lost wax casting" where we carve your piece in wax, it is then used to create a plaster mould which is filled with metal, producing an exact copy of the wax. 

All of our gold, platinum, and palladium jewellery is cast in 100% recycled metal as a standard. We are also licenced to work with Fairmined Gold which appears as an option across the website.

It is difficult to say whether Recycled or Fairmined metals are categorically better. With recycled metals no new mining takes place, but we cannot guarantee the provenance of the metal originally. All we know is that it has been recycled. Fairmined Gold comes from small and artisanal mines that are locally owned.  It is environmentally friendly, socially responsible, and fairly priced, but new mining has taken place.  Our Fairmined Gold comes from a mine in Iquira Columbia, you can read about the mine here. It's up to you as a buyer to decide which of these sources aligns best with your values.

Get in touch if you have any questions about ethics in jewellery!